About Jodilyn

I was born and raised in Seattle and am now raising my own family here.  I have a daughter headed off to college in the fall and my youngest is entering the 8th grade.  I’ve been married for nearly twenty years and we have a lovely little dog who likes to watch me type.

I am a writer and author with several articles in midwifery related journals and magazines, and have been the guest author for Dr. Christiane Northrup’s mother’s day edition of her monthly newsletter in 2009 and 2011.  My colleague  Jane E. Drichta and I have written a book, The Essential Homebirth Guide, for families planning or considering a homebirth (Simon and Schuster, 2012).

I have attended hundreds of births as a doula, and then as a midwife.  I directed a local parenting center on Mercer Island where I gained exposure to some of the leading minds in the fields of infant mental health and parenting.  In 2011, I spent two months practicing midwifery in a busy hospital in the south pacific, where I developed a passion for international midwifery work.  I have a specialized training and certification in newborn observation and assessment as well.  I love my work– offering guidance to local moms as they work through their pregnancies and early mothering, and I love babies! I lecture at birthy conferences and for midwifery students as well.

Outside of the birth world I enjoy time with my family, swimming, camping and hiking, and reading historical novels.  I can often be found on the bleachers at any-local-gym, cheering on my kids as they play basketball.  I love walking at Alki, especially in the rain!

You can read my complete CV here.

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